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For the DeCandido adaptation, see Anna Bolt (DeCandido). For the actress, see Anna Bolt (actress).

Dr. Anna Bolt, otherwise known as "Dr. Green",[1] was a researcher for the Umbrella Corporation, registered as employee 254 at their Hive complex beneath Raccoon City.


Dr. Bolt was assigned in a special lab in The Hive dedicated towards T-virus experimentation. In September 2002, she entered the lab with colleagues Dr. Blue and Dr. Brown just after Spence broke a virus sample container. The Red Queen subsequently locked the lab door and began flooding the room via the fire sprinklers to prevent the spread of infection.

Having underestimated the virus' potential, the three doctors remained alive as Undead after being drowned, though were unconscious until the arrival of the Sanitation team. Unlike the other two doctors, Anna didn't leave the lab when the doors were unlocked and remained underwater when Alice, Rain Ocampo, Matt Addison and Spence entered the lab looking for the T-virus. As Spence holds the others at gunpoint, the reanimated Anna emerges from the water and attacks Spence from behind, biting him in the neck. However, before Anna can kill him, Spence shoots her, knocking Anna off of him. Spence then kills the Undead Anna and escapes.


Further notes

  • Dr. Bolt is named after actress Anna Bolt, who is the sister of film producer Jeremy Bolt.[2]


  1. In the film itself, the name "Anna Bolt" can be seen when the Red Queen scans Dr. Green while she is yelling, "There's no fire here!"
  2. Resident Evil (film) - Audio Commentary with Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez