Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Annabelle was an LNG carrier which operated in the Gulf of Mexico. It was designed with a deadweight tonnage of 71,000 and also a length of 948 feet.


Annabelle went through construction by an unknown company (possibly American, based on its name) and was completely built in 1987. Annabelle was supposedly used for transporting natural gases around the Gulf of Mexico, though it is not known if the ship was utilized for Transatlantic regions.

During October of 2014, it sailed along the Louisiana Gulf on its way to Central America. But as a hurricane approached on October 5, the E-Type B.O.W. "Eveline" went out of control, killed the crew, and vomited excessive amounts of Mold in various rooms throughout the vessel. Both she and Mia Winters were eventually knocked unconscious as the ship split into three pieces and its tanks exploded. As a result of what Eveline did, the ship went missing. Sometime between that night and October 9, the remains of the tanker ran aground in a bayou close to the Baker Ranch in Dulvey, Louisiana. Jack Baker rescued the unconscious Mia and Eveline from the wreckage.

After the incident, the shipwreck would not be utilized for nearly three years. On July 19 that year, Ethan Winters was captured by Eveline's Mold and taken hostage within the ship, which forced Mia to enter the wreckage to rescue him. Eventually, Blue Umbrella secured the carrier in the hours after, and presumably destroyed the Mold there.



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