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Dr. Anne was an Umbrella researcher. She was the husband of Dr. William, and mother of Sherry.


During the G-Virus outbreak, Anne hid in the laboratory from her mutated husband. When he came banging on the lab door, Anne had nowhere to hide and sat on her knees in the middle of a corridor. Shouting to her husband, she told him to stop there and not to come in.[excerpt 1] Her fear came from her belief that William was hunting her, specifically, hypothesizing that he remembered his research on the G-Bacteria and wanted to use her to propagate his mutant lineage.[excerpt 2] William ignored her pleading and succeeded in opening the door, anyway. However, he did nothing to his wife, simply walking past Anne and on to the next area.[1]

Frozen in her place, she referred to her husband as the devil, and told him to get out. She followed by muttering out loud to herself her conclusions that her daughter, Sherry was dead (referring to her simply as "girl") and that no one could stop her husband.[2][excerpt 3][excerpt 4]



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