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Annette attacks William[note 1] is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Claire Redfield: "Your ass again!?"

Annette Birkin: "William!"
"This ends NOW!"

Claire: "What the hell is this thing!?"

Annette: "That was my husband."

Annette: "Good god, William... What have you done?" *

William Birkin: "G is my creation!"

Annette: "William!"

Annette: "I should've killed him while I had the chance..."
"I don't know why... I just...couldn't do it."

Claire: "He was your husband."

Annette: "Honestly...we were more married to our work than each other."

Claire: "But what about Sherry—how could you just leave her all alone? And while Raccoon City burned to hell."

Annette: "I couldn't let my daughter grow up in a world with the G-virus in it."

Claire: "But that's no excuse to leave her—"

Annette: "I got this."
"I'm sorry, William..."

Claire: "No."
"I got this."
"You should take care of Sherry."

Annette: "You don't know what you're up against."

Claire: "I have a pretty damn good idea..."

Annette: "Whatever you do, don't stop until it's finished."

Claire: "Trust me."
"This ends now."

 * = cut dialogue line

Claire Redfield: "しつこいわね"

Annette Birkin: "ウィリアム!"

Claire: "こいつは何?"

Annette: "私の夫だった"

Annette: "なんということ、ウィリアム・・・あなたは何をした?" *

William Birkin: "Gは私の傑作なんだ!"

Annette: "ウィリアム!"

Annette: "もっと早く殺すべきだった"
"でも どうしても… できなくて"

Claire: "当たり前でしょ"

Annette: "お互い結婚より仕事を優先してた"

Claire: "シェリーのことは? よく一人にできたわね? 地獄のような町で"

Annette: "あの子のいる世界に G-ウィルスを ばらまくわけにはいかなかったのよ"

Claire: "だからって一人にするなんて…"

Annette: "私がやる"
"許して ウィリアム…"

Claire: "ダメよ"

Annette: "あなたに何ができるって言うの?"

Claire: "やってみなきゃ分からないでしょ"

Annette: "油断しないで 完全に息の根を止めるまでは"

Claire: "私を信じて"

 * = cut dialogue line


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.