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Annette attacks William (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Leon Scott Kennedy: "You again."

Annette Birkin: "Move. He's mine."
"This has to end."

Leon: "What the hell's going on!?"

Annette: "Sorry, William."
"You left me no choice."

Leon: "You called this thing "William." Why?"

Annette: "It shouldn't have been like this..."
"It's Umbrella's fault—this whole mess."

Leon: "You're Umbrella, too."
"You're telling me you weren't involved in this?"

Annette: "Yes..."
"But we never meant for this to happen."

Leon: "Then tell me everything—right from the start."

William Birkin: "You don't get away that easily..."

Annette: "Good god, William."
"What have you done?"

Leon: "So you made this monster?"

Annette: "We made the G virus, but we never intended this to—"

Leon: "You can spin it any way you want."
"You're still responsible."
"The hell!?"
"What're you doing!?"

Annette: "We can't let him get away!"

Leon: "Alright... We end this here!"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "またお前か"

Annette Birkin: "どいて 私がやる"

Leon: "どういうつもりだ?"

Annette: "許して ウィリアム"
"もう こうするしかないの"

Leon: "「ウィリアム」だって? こいつが?"

Annette: "こんなはずじゃなかった"

Leon: "あんたもそうだろ?"

Annette: "そうよ!"
"でも こんなことになるなんて想像してなかった"

Leon: "話してくれないか 最初から全部"

William Birkin: "そう簡単に渡してたまるか"

Annette: "そんな ウィリアム"

Leon: "じゃあ これを作ったのは…"

Annette: "確かにG-ウィルスは作ったわ でも こんなのは想定…"

Leon: "いくら弁解しようが――"

Annette: "ここから出すわけにはいかないの"

Leon: "いいだろう 決着をつけてやる"