Annette warns Leon about Ada (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Leon S. Kennedy: "Jesus, that looks bad."

Annette Birkin: "Feels worse, believe me."

Leon: "Look, about what you said... I don't know how much I believe it, but I'm willing to—"

Annette: "Just tell me you'll destroy that G sample."

Leon: "No. It's evidence. It's going to the FBI."

Annette: "You trust that bitch?"

Leon: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Annette: "She's not FBI, she's a mercenary."
"She's gonna sell it—The G-Virus is gonna go to the highest bidder."

Leon: "That's bullshit."

Annette: "I hope you're right..."
"But if the G-Virus...gets into the wrong hands..."

Leon S. Kennedy: "まずいな ひどい傷だ"

Annette Birkin: "痛みの方が もっとひどい"

Leon: "さっきの話 信じられないけど…"

Annette: "G-ウィルスを処分すると約束して"

Leon: "アレは証拠だ FBIに渡す"

Annette: "あの女を信じるの?"

Leon: "どういう意味だ?"

Annette: "彼女はFBIじゃない 産業スパイよ"
"G-ウィルスを売る気なの あの女はただ金が欲しいだけ"

Leon: "でまかせ言うな"

Annette: "おめでたい人ね"
"もしG-ウィルスが悪党の手に渡ったら… もう…"


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