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"An intelligence agent who originally acted as a negotiator, helping to erase the bitter taste of medicine. Even now, he can often be found using his negotiating skills to achieve a delicate balance between sweet and savory. His knowledge is unending."
— Joke description of Annin Tofu, seen on the loading screen

Annin Tofu is one of the playable Tofus in The Tofu Survivor game mode present in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

How to unlockEdit

Annin Tofu is unlocked by completing The Tofu Survivor with either Konjac or Uirō​-Mochi‎.


Annin Tofu's pre-determined loadout includes:


Annin Tofu's strategy revolves around cycling between his handguns for the right encounters. The Quickdraw Army is better used when burst damage needs to be done since it can fire shots very quickly, while the M19 is better suited for slow encounters when the player is not worried about other enemies in the vicinity.  It is important to remember that the Quickdraw Army has a slow reload time and switching to the M19 after expending the Quickdraw Army's 6-round chamber might be more effective than attempting to reload it on the spot during an encounter.

Because Annin Tofu has a lot of Green Herbs and only one Red & Blue Herb, a good strategy is to create the Mixed Herb (R+B) in order to tank damage and not get poisoned, while the Green Herbs are used separately whenever the player is on caution.

Annin Tofu only has one Combat Knife, so it must be used strategically.  The Quickdraw Army can shoot the bulbs of the Ivy Zombies to incapacitate them, so the knife can be saved for another encounter.

The ending area will likely be the hardest part. Since there is one G-Adult and a couple of Ivy Zombies, it'd be best to keep the Mixed Herb (R+B) until this area so Annin Tofu can tank the G-Adult's grab, then shoot the bulbs of Ivys to stun them to run past, and use the knife to counter an Ivy if the player is grabbed by one.  

If you have enough ammo at this point, killing all enemies in this area with his handguns is a possible strategy, although you should make sure to not walk too far into the area where the G-Adult appears or else the Tyrant will be spawned from the Fire Escape area.

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Further notesEdit

  • Finishing The Tofu Survivor with Annin Tofu grants the player the "Can't Get Enough" record which unlocks his model in the model viewer.


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