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This page is for information about anniversaries and anniversary campaigns of the Resident Evil franchise.


Capcom's survival horror franchise began with the Japanese launch of Resident Evil for PlayStation on 22 March 1996.

Anniversary campaigns[]

Each five-year anniversary has had multiple items and advertising support to varying degrees.

Logo Name - Year Notable items
3rd Anniversary - 1999
BIOHAZARD 5th Anniversary logo 5th Anniversary - 2001
8342359 sa.jpg;maxHeight=1000;maxWidth=1000 10th Anniversary - 2006
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 1.38.38 PM 15th Anniversary - 2011
Biohazard 20th anniversary 20th Anniversary - 2016
25th logo 25th Anniversary - 2021

Minor anniversaries[]

Some anniversary were celebrating with much fewer items.

Name - Year Notable items
3rd anniversary - 1999 Biohazard 3rd Anniversary Promo Wine Bottle
17th anniversary - 2013 Biohazard Anniversary Package