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Anonymous, known in the English version as Cipher, is a character in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode. Anonymous is actually the default character in Raid mode when the player loads the game. However, he cannot be used for actual raid mode gameplay until the player meets his unlock requirement.


It is a program created by Red Queen Alpha and a hologram representation of the player.


Anonymous is unique from other raid mode characters because his ability to use guns is locked until level 8. However, he makes up for this with his powerful Samurai Sword ability. The sword is able to stagger large groups of enemies and can even stagger boss type enemies. His ability to stagger most enemies makes him ideal for obtaining the "Likes it Rough" and "That's my Fetish" Records.

It does come with its drawbacks however. Because Anonymous has to get close to enemies to use it, he's at risk of taking damage from Elite elemental enemies, his only means of being able to avoid this is to score a physical attack prompt to knock them down and stab them while they're grounded.

In addition, explosive hazards such as Sploders are risky to fight without Anonymous suffering injuries. It is advised for Anonymous to get within range of the hazard to detonate the hazard and use evade to step back and avoid the blast radius.

Lastly, Anonymous has very few skills of his own. Skills will have to be inherited from other characters to make full use of him.

Once Anonymous reaches level 8, things become easier for him as he's able to use a gun to take care of more dangerous hazards at a distance.

Anonymous comes with two alternate costumes: Lottie and White Lottie. Both of which come with their own special voice over set.

Basic info
Name Cipher
Episode content Episode 1
Unlock requirement Obtain 90 or more Completion Medallions.
Physical attack
Follow-up attack
Level 50 reward
Gesture dialogue
Go "Go on."
Wait "Wait here."
Come "Come on!"
Thanks "Thanks."
Sorry "Sorry."
Weapon slots
45 8 23
Active skills slots
Open Taunt Open
Passive skills slots
Samurai Sword Open Open
Open 61 78
Active skills Passive skills
Taunt Samurai Sword