Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Another Chance

Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Another Chance

Another Chance

Another Chance (モイラ目覚める Moira mezameru?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the opening scene to Moira's Extra Episode, "The Struggle".


Evgeny Rebic rescued Moira from near death after Claire was forced to leave her behind in the crumbling tower. At first he was reluctant to assist her, but he allowed her to live with him as long as she agreed to follow his rules, carry her own weight and join him on his hunts. When asked by Moira if they could search for an escape off the island he refused, saying there is no point and that she needs to "face reality". Together the two would continue to hunt for survival for the six months in between Claire leaving and Barry arriving on the island.


Moira: Hey.
Evgeny: You should have done yourself favor and died while you had chance, kroshka.
Moira: Great. Where are you going?
Evgeny: If you can move, leave. Trouble never comes alone.
Moira: Right. Roger that, Rasputin. I'll get right the fuck out.
Moira (narrating): But I didn't. I couldn't. Where was I gonna go? So we came to an understanding. He would put up with me just as long as I pulled my own weight. And that was my shitty start to a six long months.

Moira: あの・・・
Evgeny: ・・・生きていたか・・・悪運の強い小娘だ
Moira: サイアク・・・ どこ行くの・・・?
Evgeny: 動けるならここを出て行け
Moira: ・・・わかった よクソジジイ
Moira (narrating): でも 私は出て行けなかっただって・・・行くあてなんてなかったし・・・

Moira: Um…
Evgeny: Still alive, huh…you're one unlucky little girl…
Moira: This sucks… Where are you going…?
Evgeny: Get out of here if you can move.
Moira: …I got it, damn old geezer. I'd leave even if you didn't tell me.
Moira (narrating): But I didn't leave… there was nowhere for me to go… and so…I could stay with him. “You take care of your own needs yourself” were his conditions. And thus, our sixth months together began…

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