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Alexia's laboratory (アレクシア研究室?)[1] is a room in the Antarctic Base.


At the end of the room lies the cryogenic capsule where Alexia spent 15 years of hibernating to bond herself with the t-Veronica Virus. Next to the capsule is a puzzle-device which must be solved to recover Alfred's body that was placed in the capsule by inserting the Paperweight in the device.


You must put "AA, crown, ♥, ♠" in the machine to open it. Then, put the Paper Weight and the capsule will open, revealing Alfred's dead body.

Take the Alfred's Ring, check it to obtain the jewel and go back to the Antarctic hall and use the jewel in the painting.


Location Localisation Original Script
Control panel Something is written on it. As twins, Alexia and I are two sides of a coin. A design is carved under the name of Alexia. ♥ ♠ AA Crown. There's a button with a design. Push the button? Yes/No

Push the button? >Biohazard Crown ♥ Umbrella ♠ AA
(wrong combination) There's no response.
(correct combination) It appears I should put something in here.

Control panel (puzzle solved) AA Crown ♥ ♠ is entered. It appears I should put something in here.
Alfred's corpse He's already dead.




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