The Antarctic hall (南極ホール?)[1] is an area of the Antarctic Base.


The design of the Ashford's mansion is inspired by the George Trevor's architecture. The first floor only have the door to the art gallery room and the second floor give access to a single room initially, but after putting the three jewels from Alexia, Alfred and Alexander in the painting, it reveals a hidden room. The main door (in the front of the stairs) give access to the hall vestibule.


Location Localisation Original Script
Door to the sterilization room It's locked. A biohazard symbol is carved by the key hole.
Family picture It's a picture of twins and their father. Three weird holes open. They are at the boy's finger, the man's ear and the girl's bosom.
Door to the living room It's locked.
Trapped Claire It's Claire! She has fainted inside the cocoon. I need some kind of tool to open it.




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