For other rooms of the same name, see Director's office.

The director's office[1] in the Antarctic Base that overlooks Alexander Ashford's cell.




Location Localisation Original Script
Cabinet It's locked. No keyhole can be found.
An identation There's an identation in the shape of a halberd.
Book shelve Only useless books are here. It seems that something was dragged down here...
Hidden lockers There is a switch. Push the switch? >Yes No

It seems to operate on electricity. No response.

Hidden lockers (power restored) There is a switch. Push the switch? >Yes No

You've pushed the switch.

An identation There's a halberd-shaped space in the pillar.
After taking the paper weight There is a file.
After taking the file There is something else here.




  1. Hamamura (ed.), Kaitai Shinsho, p.166
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