The mining room (採掘室?)[1] was a location at the Antarctic Base. A remnant of a former mine on the site, it contained equipment left over from that operation including a drilling vehicle. Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside planned to escape the base using the vehicle, but their attempt was complicated by a gas leak. Trying to ambush the two, Alfred Ashford was sent into the mine shaft after failing to kill Claire, having been wounded by Steve's sub machine gun fire. Claire and Steve then made their way out.


The mining room is accessed from the package sorting room using the Mining Room Key. A gas pipeline runs along the right side of the room from the entryway, and can be examined to provide Claire with a clue for the Valve Handle configuration needed to shut it off. The power supply room is accessible through another door next to the drilling vehicle. A broken ladder leads to the upper level, though it cannot be used.

Later, when the drilling vehicle has been moved, it appears next to the gas pipeline, and can be accessed to progress to the next area once the gas is shut off. Picking up Alfred's rifle is recommended, however, and this also achieves the same result.



Location Localisation Original Script
Gas pipeline "There's a hole shaped like an octagon. There is a notice. Poison gas. In case of emergency, seal it off."
Vehicule "I can't leave Steve behind. I must stop the poison gas."
Vehicule (after stopping the gas) "Escape using the vehicle? (Yes/No)"
Steve (after talking to him once) "Steve is waiting for Claire."
Panel The poison gas detection lamp is on.





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