The Package sorting room (荷物仕分け室?)[1] was the room in the transport terminal section of the Antarctic base devoted to the sorting of packages for departure. It possessed a bar code reader that would send products to specific sections of the base; the B.O.W. warehouse, for example.




Location Localization Original script
Door to the mining room It's locked. The door is labeled "Machine Room".
Door to the mining room (leaked gas) This room is filled with poison gas. Equip the Gas Mask and enter? >Yes No
Safe It's secured with a simple lock. Use the Lockpick? >Yes No

The lock has been released.

Safe (empty) There's nothing left.
Box There is a notice. Anti-B.O.W. gas. Handle with care.
Control panel A control panel for the sorter. There's no power. I can't operate it.
Power switch It's a power switch for the sorter. Push the switch? >Yes No

It seems that power is not being supplied.

Sorting device This is a sorting device. It sorts the loads and sends them to warehouses.
Box (placing the sticker) You've posted the Bar Code Sticker.
Box (sticker placed) A container posted with the Bar Code Sticker. "Bound for B.O.W. warehouse".
Power switch (after use) The power switch is already on.
Control panel (powered) A control panel for the sorter. Lower the lever? >Yes No
Control panel (after use) I don't need to activate the sorter.
Nosferatu's corpse A large man whose hands are tied hangs here.
Crane control panel A control panel for the crane. To operate the crane, I need the Crane Key.
Crane control panel (with the key) Use the Crane Key? >Yes No




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