The workers' room (作業員室?)[1] is an area of the Antarctic Base.


This room is where the Antarctic Base's workers slept and rested when not on duty. There are a number of bunkbeds in the room, as well as lockers.


An F. Aid Spray and Handgun Bullets can be found in a locker in the north-east corner. Bow Gun Powder can be found on a desk right next to this locker; picking it up triggers a Zombie to fall off a bunk bed and wake up so it is advised it is picked up last.

In the north-central side of the room are another set of lockers and a desk, which contain more Handgun Bullets and the Worker's Diary, respectively. On the west side of the room is a map of the facility.


Location Localisation Original Script
Beds A bed. This must've been the worker's lodgings.
Pushed over bed It's quite a mess.
Shelves There are only useless books.
Lockers (after taking F. Aid Spray) There is another item here.
Lockers (empty) There is nothing in the locker.
Map Take the map of the base? >Yes No

You got the Antarctic transportation base map.




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