The Anti-Materiel Rifle is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is exclusive to BSAA operative Piers Nivans who starts the game with this unique weapon in his inventory.


This weapon's firepower surpasses both the Sniper Rifle and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. Due to the extreme firepower, it can often kill or heavily damage an enemy in one shot. Despite this, it needs to reload each round before firing it again which similar to the sniper rifle, only much slower. Although lacking in firing speed, it's capacity is superior to both the sniper rifle and it's semi-auto counterpart, having 10 rounds loaded in the weapon. Unlike the other two sniper rifles which use 7.62mm NATO Ammo, the Anti-Materiel Rifle utilizes 12.7mm rounds. The Quick Shot for this weapon can be dangerous to use in a close range situation due to its long delay after performing it, and can leave the player vulnerable to attacks if the shot misses. It has the ability to change between a normal and thermal scope.

This weapon is also used by Piers in The Mercenaries for his default costumes alongside his exclusive MP-AF. In addition, it is used by Ellis in the PC version's The Mercenaries No Mercy.


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