"Rapid-acting mycetotoxic rounds for handguns. Effective against regenerative bioweapons. Press (aim) + (inventory) to toggle ammo."
— Inventory description

Rapid- Acting Mycetotoxic ROunDs (RAMRODs) is a special bullet designed to combat fungus-based bioweapons.


The bullet releases a toxin on impact that not only rapidly destroys fungal cell membranes but also prevents regeneration of lost tissue.


Anti-Regen Ammo (RAMRODs) (ラムロッド再生阻害弾 ramuroddo saisei sogai-dan?) Is a type of handgun ammunition found during the Not A Hero scenario.

These are the only rounds that can kill a Fumer and deal great damage to the Mama Mold, as well as Lucas Baker in his mutated form. On normal difficulty, one shot is all that is needed to take down every type of Molded outside of the Mama Mold.



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