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Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600[note 1] was an order for the complete eradication of mutagenic viruses such as the t-Virus.[1] The rule was put into action in order to avoid another incident like the Raccoon City Destruction Incident which was always possible for as long as the t-Virus remained in existence.

It was in effect as early as 2002 with Leon S. Kennedy showing his then-partner, Jack Krauser the order just before storming Hidalgo's main base of operations which caused Krauser to become disillusioned, largely because they chose Leon over himself, a seasoned SOCOM operative to eliminate bioweapons and other viruses, although he did not outwardly show this to Kennedy.[2]

Alongside the "Special Emergency Act", President Graham intervened in the bioterrorist attack at Harvardville International. Firstly, Agent Kennedy was sent in to intervene due to the similarity of reports to the zombies that he had experiences fighting. A unit of Rangers was sent in after the presence of the t-Virus was discovered.[3]

Further notes

  • In localized versions of Darkside Chronicles and Degeneration, it was named "Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol Number 7600", which is a direct translation of its Japanese name (due to Japanese not allowing for shorthand words like "No.").



  1. Spelt in Japanese as "対ウイルス武器 プロトコルナンバー7600"
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