"A portable rocket launcher that can hold four 66mm incendiary rockets. The rockets unleash a powerful conflagration."
— Inventory description
"66mm焼夷ロケット弾を四連装する、携行ロケットランチャー。 着弾点で激しい燃焼が起こる。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Anti-tank Rocket is a weapon that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The Anti-tank Rocket is the weapon given to Leon by Ada when he is fighting the Super Tyrant. By default, it will have four rockets but ammo for it can't be found in the game.

In Leon [2nd], this weapon can still be used against Birkin (Stage 5).

In The Tofu Survivor, the Anti-tank Rocket is one of Flan's starting weapons, however it also has no additional ammo, although a reload animation can be seen in the model viewer. It's also featured in the No Way Out scenario of The Ghost Survivors, obtained from one of the backpack zombies albeit loaded with only 2 shots. In addition, when the Cat Ears accessory is equipped, the player gains infinite ammo to all weapons picked up, as such, this is the only time this weapon can be seen being reloaded in the game.

An Infinite ammo version is actually in the data for the main game. This infinite ammo version behaves much like it does in The Ghost Survivors with the Cat Ears. This version however was around in the game data long before then and always has infinite ammo. It uses the same reload animation as that in Ghost Survivors. The game also registers it as a different weapon from the standard version Leon gets. This version is completely unused by normal means and can only be accessed via hacking. This version is also not to be confused with the ATM-4 which IS used in the main game.


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