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The anti-virus surrounded in a green media.

The anti-virus is a medicine created by the Umbrella Corporation to treat those infected with T-virus. It is or is used like an antiretroviral drug. It behaves differently depending on the condition of the patient. In those who were infected deliberately with T-virus, the anti-virus can be used to prevent runaway mutation. In those infected during outbreaks, the anti-virus will halt the spread of the virus and its accompanying fatal disease if taken recently after infection. For those who were infected with a massive viral load or took the anti-virus too late, it will have no effect. Umbrella also engineered a second anti-virus ahead of the global T-virus pandemic, designed exclusively for the company's re-colonisation project. This was able to spread in the wind and was fatal when exposed to Undead.


For ease of recognition, Umbrella added a blue dye to all vials containing T-virus and a green dye to all containing the anti-virus. The anti-virus went through testing at The Hive to determine its reliability, including testing on rabbits.[1] The original goal of anti-virus was to serve as a companion to the virus in weapon shipments. A military was to use the virus on the wider civilian population of an enemy nation and collapse the morale of the military, who would have to exterminate their own people. The anti-virus would then be handed out once an unconditional surrender was accepted.[2] Around 2002, key Umbrella employees and other VIPs went into suspended animation ahead of the planned T-virus pandemic, replaced with clones who were expected to try in vain to prevent it. Under the new leadership, the massive underground facilities stocked-up with the anti-virus as usual, and mutants such as Angie Ashford were still to receive their medicine.

The first known use of the anti-virus during an outbreak took place in 2002 when a rogue Umbrella employee contaminated The Hive with the virus, either under orders or on his own volition. The facility's master computer, Red Queen, responded to the airborne contamination by killing all personnel in the facility; though this prevented anyone from leaving the facility, it was inevitable the virus would revive them as Undead. It is unexplained why anti-virus was not instead used, though it is possible there was simply not available for the entire population which numbered at least in the hundreds. Umbrella's Sanitation Team was subsequently infected by the Undead during their investigation of the facility. They were ultimately successful in tracking down the anti-virus samples, but by then had been exposed for several hours and the chance of it working was slim. It is uncertain if any of the survivors were successfully treated - Rain Ocampo became an Undead regardless, Kaplan was killed soon after by a Licker, while Alice and Matt Addison were infected by the same Licker and taken away for experimentation.[1]

When the T-virus spread out into Raccoon City, Umbrella showed disinterest in using their own stocks of anti-virus. Rather than allowed through and treated, refugees were instead screened for signs of infection and allowed through if negative. This plan was concluded following an Undead attack at the bridge, and all remaining civilians were treated as hopeless causes. Similarly, the UBCS force sent in to exterminate the Undead were also abandoned and, as consequence, the only samples of anti-virus in Raccoon City itself were in the possession of Ashford herself.[3]

During the global T-virus pandemic, J. Isaacs was bitten and infected by a Super Undead, and several massive doses of the anti-virus could not save him from extensive mutation.[4]

A second version of the anti-virus was manufactured in the Hive on the orders of Alexander Isaacs. This version was far more advanced than the original and was protean in nature like the T-Virus itself, originating in a liquid state but quickly shifting to become airborne upon being released from its container. This second anti-virus was far more potent and aggressive, being engineered specifically to seek out and destroy any organic tissues infected with or by the T-Virus and was intended to bring about the end of Umbrella's orchestrated apocalypse once all surviving humans on the Earth's surface were dead.

The sole vial of the advanced anti-virus in existence was kept in the possession of Isaacs when he went into cryogenic status and used as leverage to keep Alice from acting against him, as if it was released into the sealed environment of the Hive it would be unable to reach the outside world and destroy the undead. The vial then changed hands several times before Alice was able to get to the surface and release it by breaking the vial. Instantly the anti-virus shifted into an airborne form and destroyed the zombies rushing Alice mere seconds before they devoured her. Alice herself was affected by the anti-virus due to latent T-Virus cells in her body, but was only rendered unconscious for a few hours as it was engineered only to target T-Virus cells and not healthy ones. The anti-virus was thus free to cleanse the Earth of its undead population, though it was noted that due to having to travel on the winds it could take years to reach every corner of the globe and finally put an end to the T-Virus pandemic for good.[5]



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