"Stops the virus' growth for a short time."
— Item description.

Anti Virus is a health item in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It has the effect of stopping the Virus Gauge for around three minutes.


Dr. George Hamilton can create Anti Viruses with his medical kit. Two Green Herbs are needed to create one Anti Virus. In File #2 he can create two Anti Viruses with three Green Herbs.

Two Green Herbs and a Red Herb make different combinations in the games. In Outbreak, this creates Anti Virus (L); in File #2 this creates three Anti Viruses.

Further notesEdit

  • George's starter weapon, the Ampule Shooter, can be loaded with Anti Viruses. As ammunition, they deal some 1000HP damage to most enemies. Against Zombies this is 2000HP, while in Showdown 1 and Showdown 3, Thanatos loses 400HP.


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