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Anton was a resident to the snowy village in an Eastern Europe mountain range. He is noted to be a pessimistic and an angry drunk.


Sometime before Ethan Winters, Leonardo and Elena's arrival at Luiza's house, he had managed to reach there and spends all of his time drinking.

When the trio managed to reach there, he is surprised to see Ethan's face, who is an outsider and exclaimed that Luiza is gonna get all of them killed but she rebuffs him saying how he has helped the father and the daughter.

When Ethan asks if this is all that's left of the village, he angrily tells him that there is no one left and all they have in here was "a worthless invalid", "a stupid, wailing bitch" and he chastises Luiza that she drags Leonardo and Ethan like it's nothing and that "every sorry bastard out there has been ripped in half". Luiza responds that her house has been protecting her family for generations and that she reassures him that all are welcome and safe in there even him but he just dismisses this and walks away keep drinking.

When Leonardo starts to roar in pain, he throws the lantern to the ground which ignites the fire, Anton desperately tries to put out the flames. When Leonardo kills Luiza, he smashes the bottle over his head but he is overwhelmed and he is burned alive by the spreading fire



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