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Antonio Taylor (アントニオ・テイラー?) is an lead robotics engineer that works for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) whom Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to rescue after being kidnapped.[1]


Early life[]

Dr. Taylor is a former graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is employed by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as specialist in robotics engineering. Prior to his kidnapping, Taylor sells classified information to foreign entities outside of the United States Government which leads to him being wanted for treason.

San Francisco Serial Murders and Alcatraz Outbreak (2015)[]

Death Island - Taylor's kidnapping

Taylor's kidnapping

Learning of his last known location, San Francisco Police Department deploys S.W.A.T. to take him into custody only to be met with fierce fire power from an armed group who proceeds to kidnap him. Elsewhere, the government learns of his kidnapping and sent DSO agent Leon Scott Kennedy to intercept the group and arrest him. With the assistance of María Gómez, the group thwarts Kennedy of his attempt to save him and delivers him to Dylan Blake in the armory laying underneath Alcatraz Island.

At the armory, Taylor is forced to create Mosquito Drones with the equipment that Dylan has acquired from Glenn Arias's commercial front for crime syndicate A-GUA Industries, Ltd. with the modified strain of Tyrant Virus which is not highly contagious and can only infect the victim but cannot transmit the infection through saliva or airborne with bite victims dying shortly afterwards from either blood loss or shock. During his work, Taylor creates a backdoor code to the network in case of a betrayal ever occurred unbeknownst to Dylan and tucks this information away in his pen, Dylan terrorizes Taylor with Russian Roulette; both survive, convincing him they are fated for other things. Dylan and Maria supervised over his recent work on developing prototype drones, and orders it be moved to mass-production.

The prototype drones infect twelve targeted individuals and the onset of their infection begins in the city with some of them killing their victims in a series of murders which attracts the attention of SAPD and BSAA. The series of murders would lead Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield as exactly Dylan had planned as he initiates the outbreak in the prison. Before Alcatraz Outbreak, Taylor had escaped their capture and hides in the prison compound where the center of the outbreak was occurring. The Redfield sibling discovers him hiding after he accidentally reveal his location. Taylor introduces himself as a tourist named Tony Davis.

Death Island 22

Redfield tending to "Davis's" wound

Taylor joins them for their search of survivors when he learns that Claire is associated with TerraSave whom he believes to be responsible for Harvardville Airport incident much to her fury as she defends the organization. Taylor wanders about and is attacked by zombified tourist with the pair come to his rescue and clear out remaining hostiles. Claire tends to his wound much to his surprise after their argument about NGO organization. As the pair ponder about their next objective, Chris and Claire are pricked in the neck by drones and are incapacitated, Taylor tries to run away only to be cornered by Maria who abducts the trio back to the prison compound where Taylor is locked in a cell alongside an weakening Claire.

Death Island - Taylor wounded

Taylor being shot by Dylan

Leon and Jill arrives at their cell where his identity are exposed by the former much to their shock. Leon is incapacitated as a prototype drone infects him with the virus, Dylan and Maria make themselves known to the group with the former directing Jill to make a choice to either kill Claire to save Taylor or let him die at the former's hands. Hearing the choices, Taylor begs Jill to save him by choosing the former though she firmly holds her gunpoint at Dylan. At the prospect of choosing none, Taylor is shot in the chest by Dylan, quickly bleeding out though Claire tries to staunch his wound in order to save him.

Death Island 21

Taylor died from his wounds

Hearing the gravity of Dylan's words, Taylor questions their resolve to keep fighting even in bleak situations with Chris and Leon admits that the world is messed up but cannot save it by destroying or killing the people. Inspired and moved by their words, Taylor admits that he lives for his own self-preservation and doing things for his own benefits, pondering how he could have changed had he met them sooner. Before dying, Taylor hands the backdoor code to Claire, surmising that Dylan might have changed the codes after his escape before succumbing to his wounds.