Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

"Looks like he took his weight loss plan way too seriously."
Jack Krauser to Leon Kennedy, on the Anubis' ability

The Anubis is a new B.O.W. designed by the Umbrella Corporation as a replacement for the Hunter B.O.W., created from a bat with insect DNA and the t-Virus implanted in its body. The resulting mutations stripped away most of the Anubis' skin, musculature, and organs while increasing its size, durability, and aggression.


This new B.O.W. is the product of the attempts made by Umbrella to develop a replacement B.O.W. to the Hunter. This creature was originally a bat before insect DNA was introduced, and its digestive organs have been removed to drastically reduce weight. As such, it can jump and move with surprising speed while still possessing incredible skeletal strength. It skillfully uses its talon-like claws to scale walls and ceilings, and can assault its victims from these vantage points.


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