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The Apple Inn was a hotel in Raccoon City, located near Jack's Bar. The building suffered severe fire damage in the opening days of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, and was the cause of a number of refugee fatalities. The remains of the building was destroyed during the missile strike on Thursday 1 October 1998.


Resident Evil Outbreak - Hellfire Room 204 examine 7

An example of the inn's wall art, who's flashing lights were a source of complaints.

The Apple Inn was a mid-sized hotel located close to the city's business district. Its primary customers in the late 1990s were tourists who benefited from its affordable prices for rooms, offering $25 per night for single bedrooms. Despite its prices, the inn nonetheless offered the appearance of a more refined establishment, with a restaurant on its ground floor and antiques as well as a courtyard in the centre. The hotel changed owners in 1998, and saw a further change in the hotel; the security system saw upgrades and security was expected to make regular patrols, though was unpopular among the staff due to concerns it was inconveniencing their duties.[1][2] An elaborate art installation was also introduced to the bedrooms; a series of paintings of European castles were placed around the inn against a switch which connected to a light-up map of Europe in Room 204. This art piece was not liked by its guests, with the occupant of Room 204 being kept awake by the lights flicking on and off, and the other guests believing them not to work at all.[3][4][5]

In the final month of operation, the Apple Inn is known to have hosted a number of guests including novelist Dario Rosso, who would die with his family after being stranded in the outbreak.[6] It also began exhibiting problems with boiler pressure. Rather than hiring outside help, it became Apple Inn procedure merely to tighten the pipes and prevent leaks. These problems became more concerning on 23 September, when it was noted that the boiler was beginning to make strange sounds. In spite of this, the informal policy continued as so. Even though the problem was spotted on a Wednesday, the janitor's work journal indicates he felt it best to wait for the following week to avoid boiler repair going into his weekend.[1]


On 23 September a strain of t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking supply, leading to a rapid spread of Cannibal Disease across the region and triggering the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. In the opening hours of the crisis hotel guests, workers and refugees from the street sought safety in the inn. By evening however, a fire had erupted within the building though the exact cause is not certain as fires had quickly spread throughout the city already, though its origin may lie with a gasoline tanker that exploded on the embankment adjacent to the inn earlier that evening that resulted in an inferno. The smoke trapped guests within their rooms, preventing escape as the occupants succumbed to Cannibal Disease and searched for their fellow refugees as a food source. The new security system itself proved a hindrance, as those not in possession of security keys were at risk of being cornered. Before long the building became the domain to a colony of Lickers who's violent nature kept the survivors prisoner. One man was mortally wounded and took shelter in the bathroom of Room 101 where he soon died of blood loss; another woman in Room 305 was not so lucky, passing out after having a portion of her chest removed.[7][8]

As whole parts of the city were ordered by the Raccoon Police Department for evacuation to the police station, or if possible, out of the city itself, the Raccoon Fire Department made their way into the building in order to rescue anyone still trapped within the burning building. Two of the offers sent in, Len and Charlie, were soon after killed as they checked the boiler room for survivors.[9] Noticing the malfunctioning boiler to late to escape it as it exploded in front of them. A band of Jack's Bar patrons had made their way into the inn shortly before the explosion and were trapped inside when the explosion collapsed part of the structure above the alleyway exit. They were forced to navigate the smoke-filled hallways without access to any breathing apparatus as parts of the upper floors began to collapse, and entire rooms were ingulfed in flames. As they made their way to the front lobby they were set-upon by the Lickers, including a mutant which had only partially transitioned. It was only with the creatures' demise they were able to reach the other firefighters led by Danny. After which the R.F.D was able to extinguish the blaze, though major parts of the inn were still left in ruin.[10]

In spite of its ruined nature, the inn remained a place of safety for some people. A liaison to Ada Wong, awaiting for the G-Virus sample she was tasked with, hid here while awaiting an update on the mission. Believing her to have failed and without a means of escape, he killed himself in the lead-up to the Presidential authorization of a missile strike.[11] Umbrella researcher Dr. Linda Baldwin would also take shelter in the Apple Inn, having been shot in the leg by Arnold who has misidentified her as a zombie.


Further notes[]

  • The design of the Apple Inn is internally inconsistent in the game for a number of reasons.
    • The exterior setting in "Outbreak" shows that the inn is two stories tall, while the player explores three floors in "Hellfire".
    • A collectible image describes the inn's restaurant as being on the ground floor, though no such room is explored.
  • "Hellfire" and "Outbreak" were originally designed to be branches of the same level, with the player having an option to shelter in the inn rather than escape off to Main Street. Consequently they take place on the same night, possibly with the Jack's Bar survivors splitting up. To save up on assets however players of "Outbreak" will pass the Apple Inn with signs the fire had not been started yet.