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Northwest passage 3 is an area of the Apple Inn, based on the third floor.


This area contains an open window to the right with flames blocking a possible emergency door at the end of the hallway.


Left with nowhere else to go, the player must go out the adjacent window and jump onto an air conditioner which leads to the fire escape. There, the player must slide on the building ledge to reach the other side. All the while, crows will be attacking them. The wind also is a hazard. Should they get knocked down, the player will move along the edge using their hands.

Once fully around the building, there is a door; however, it is tightly shut. This forces the player to go down the yellow stairs and go through the next available door on the second floor.


Location Localisation Original script
Flames "An emergency door can be seen in the back. I can't get to the door because of the fire."
Door "The door is tightly shut. I feel mass amounts of heat coming from inside."