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Room 202 is an area of the Apple Inn.


This room has a bed, desk and chair. The desk contains a lamp in the middle and a small TV to the left. Further, a painting is on the wall with a switch underneath it. There is a door leading to the bathroom. Directly next to the door, there are flames and the carpet along with the wallpaper is visibly burned.


The Chinese food pass, Football Tickets, Brand Name Watch and Crossword Magazine SP items can be found here. There is also a zombie in the room.


Location Localisation Original Script
Painting "No. 4 Spain. There's a switch next to the title plate"
Wall "There seems to be nothing useful here"
Bed "I don't feel like taking a rest right now..."
Locked door "It's locked with some simple lock. The door looks quite flimsy."
Bath tub "There's nothing suspicious about the bath tub."