The Control room is an area of the Aqua Ring.


The Control Room has been remodeled in the remake where a ladder was added leading down to the Control Room system in which the original Resident Evil did not feature. A warning lamp can be seen on the wall which should glow either Green or Red in case of an emergency. The main control system for the Aqua Ring that included the safety system and pressure valves is found inside the Control Room.


In the original Resident Evil, the water can be drained immediately by switching the button. Once all is done, the Aqua Ring can now be explore safely.

Aqua ring control room (8).jpg

In Remake, player can head straight down the ladder and go to the drained water system. Before player can reach the switch, a Neptune swimming around will ram itself to the protective glasses. Player must trigger the system around the control room, the pressure valve and the control level to close down the shutter that will prevent the Neptune from crashing inside the control room. Once all is done, the water can be drained. A First Aid Spray and the map for the Aqua Ring can be obtained here.


Resident Evil (1996)
Location Localization Original Script
The Shelf Nothing special.
Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Warning Lamp The warning lamp indicates that there is an emergency.
The main Control The control for the main system. Everything seems to be in proper working order...
The main Control (Emergency)

The pressure shelter is locked. Release the safety? Yes/No

(Yes) The safety has been released.

You'll have to operate it by hand now.

Control (For draining the water) An error message is being displayed... Something appears to have gone wrong while the water was being drained. There's a switch to drain the water. Press it? Yes/No
After the Neptune ram the glass Unidentified pressure source detected.
Safety system Safety system engaged. Now locking door.
Safety system  There's a control lever for the pressure shelter. Pull it? Yes/No
Oil pressure valves

These switches control the oil pressure valves.

Press which switch?

None #1 #2 #3

Oil pressure valves (After the water is drained) There's no need to adjust the pressure anymore.
The door to the Storeroom (Flooded) The door is held tightly shut by the pressure of the water.
After all water is drained. The water has been completely drained.






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