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The Arbiter is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


It is fitted with a scope, a uniqe stock, and a 10-round magazine. The Arbiter is not available to players by default, it must be 'purchased' with [7000 XP] at a pre-game menu. Maximum number of spare rounds is 40. This weapon cannot be found during any campaigns or dropped by enemies in them as well as Advanced SMG.


"The perfect way to take control of the battlefeield, the Arbiter with long range scope is a fierce semi-automatic sniper rifle that'll strike fear into the hearts of your enemies."
— In Game Description
Damage ORC bar 8.jpg Range ORC bar 9.jpg
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 9.jpg Rate of Fire ORC bar 3.jpg
Accuracy ORC bar 9.jpg Ammo ORC bar 2.jpg

Further notes

  • Leon S. Kennedy is seen using this weapon in the final level of the game.
  • Party Girl is seen using the Arbiter in the Triple Impact Trailer.
  • The existence of this weapon was confirmed on the website for Kendo's Gun Shop, which was part of the Inserted Evil alternate reality game.


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