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The Arcadia was a ship owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation. It was designed for scientific research and experimental testing on the survivors of the Global T-Virus pandemic.


Resident Evil: Extinction

Extinction Arcadia-01

Mikey studies a page from the journal describing Arcadia.

While struggling to survive in the wastelands of the United States caused by the Global T-Virus pandemic, Alice finds evidence of a safe haven from the effects of the T-Virus in Alaska, a place where the effects of the virus are not present. Upon locating a human convoy in Nevada, Alice delivers this information to convoy leaders, Claire Redfield, L.J. and Carlos Olivera.

It was decided that they will attempt to reach the Alaska safe zone, but they must first obtain supplies and gasoline in Las Vegas. After fighting their way through an Umbrella trap, the convoy travels to the North American Research Facility in order to obtain the helicopter that they would need to reach Alaska safely. After obtaining the helicopter, the last of the convoy heads to Alaska in search of safety while Alice fights Doctor Alexander Isaacs inside the base.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Believing that Arcadia was a town, the convoy reached Alaska and landed in the area where the transmissions were coming from. Upon their arrival to the so-called safe haven, Umbrella Security Service operatives captured the survivors and forced Scarab devices on them as part of an experiment. Claire managed to escape; however, the drug administered by the device resulted in memory loss. The Arcadia left the area taking the survivors of the convoy with it, including K-Mart.

Following the destruction of the Tokyo Facility, Albert Wesker travels to the Arcadia to use it as his new base of operations. The ship left the coast of Alaska and headed for Los Angeles. Following the attack upon the Citadel Correctional Facility. Alice and the remaining survivors, including Claire's brother Chris Redfield, travel to the coast and find the Arcadia there. With few options they board the vessel, only to find it seemingly abandoned.

Upon arriving, Claire regains her memories and realizes that the Arcadia is an Umbrella trap. While exploring the ship they enter into the holding area for the test subjects and locate the survivors of Claire's convoy among them stored in stasis pods. They begin the process of freeing the prisoners and removing the control devices planted on their chests.

Alice separates herself from the group and locates a trail of blood. Following it, Alice finds herself face to face with Wesker and another survivor from the prison, Bennett. While revealing Bennett to be his servant, Wesker hears Chris and Claire trying to sneak up on him. In a quick fight, Wesker is able to trap Chris and Claire and goes after Alice as he believes that consuming her is the only way that he'll be able to control the T-Virus infection inside of his own body. Thanks to the help of the revived K-Mart, Alice is able to defend herself by shooting Wesker in the head and releasing Chris and Claire. As the group leaves Wesker's throne room, they seal Bennett inside with Wesker. The Chairman of Umbrella kills and presumably ingests Bennett.

Somehow Wesker escapes and flees using one of the tiltrotors stored on the ship. After takeoff he detonated a purge bomb placed aboard the ship that was intended to be used to destroy it should the situation become uncontrollable. Alice, anticipating this, moved the bomb to the escape vehicle before Wesker had the opportunity to detonate it. The bomb explodes destroying the craft and, presumably, killing Wesker. However, Wesker secretly escapes by parachuting away at the last moment.

With the Umbrella contingent no longer present, Alice decides to turn Umbrella's story of the Arcadia safe zone into reality. She sends out a broadcast that the Arcadia is a safe zone and gives their location so that the survivors can find the ship. A short time afterward her call is answered; however, not by the intended people. A fleet of Umbrella owned ospreys are spotted underway to the Arcadia under the command of the Umbrella controlled Jill Valentine, their mission to capture Alice, Chris, and Claire no matter the cost.

Resident Evil: Retribution


Umbrella's siege on Arcadia.

The Umbrella airships open fire on the vessel and cloaked Umbrella soldiers, including Jill Valentine board and attack its inhabitants. Alice open fires on one of the airships close to her and manages to kill the pilots. The same airship crashes onto the ship's deck and she is thrown into the Pacific Ocean. Jill's forces manage to lead the successful capture of K-Mart and Chris and Claire Redfield.[1] The overall fate of Arcadia and the rest of her 2,000 passengers was not specified.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

After arriving at one of the last human settlements located in a tower in the ruins of Raccoon City, Alice encounters Claire Redfield for the first time since the Arcadia. Claire explains to Alice that after she was captured on the Arcadia, she was to be taken to the Hive, but escaped her bonds in mid-transit and killed the pilot, causing the helicopter to crash. Claire was rescued from the crash-site by the survivors she is currently living with, but the fate of the other people on the Arcadia is not revealed.

Further Notes

  • In Extinction, Arcadia is not referred to by name but is rather described as a safe haven in Alaska. The name Arcadia is not given until Afterlife.
  • In the novelization of The Final Chapter, Claire tells Alice that she and Chris were separated during the battle on the Arcadia and she has no idea what happened to him afterwards while no mention is made of K-Mart or the others. In the movie, Claire never tells Alice anything about Chris or the others on Arcadia.
  • In the novelization of Retribution, Wesker tells Alice that the Wesker she encountered on the Arcadia was a clone. However, this is considered non-canon and no indication of this fact is ever given in the movies.




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