Archrival (AC-018) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. First introduced in Alliance, it is the essential successor to Mansion Foyer (AC-001) but is built around Alliance's Partner Mode.


Archrival is used primarily with the Deck Building Game's Partner Mode, and is used to unequip cards from their Partners. In Partner Mode, a Partner Character is only allowed to hold two cards. These cards are attached by spending a player's Action. The same condition applies if the player wants to unattach cards or switch weapons. Using this card, the player can strip a partner of their equipment without spending more than one Action. Though this effect is slightly less effective if the Patner onl has one card to begin with. To give further incentive to use this Action, the card grants the player +2 cards. It has a Gold Cost of 30.

The artwork on the card is taken from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles depicting Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy being surrounded by zombies in Amparo during the events of Operation: Javier.


  • If HUNK has a partner with a valuable card on their person and they're close to death, he can seize it from them with this card and just leave them behind, true to his character.
  • Josh Stone allows his Partner to hold more cards. Problematically, taking them away involves a lot of Actions. This card comes in handy.
  • The extra cards granted by this card work in conjection with the second Jack Krauser, whose Level 2 effect dictates that he gains more damage by how many cards the player has in their hands. This was most likely intentional, as the second Jack Krauser card and Krauser's appearane on Archrival are both taken from the Operation: Javier segment of Darkside Chronicles.

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