Are you crazy! is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario.


Claire discovers that Sherry's Father, Dr. William Birkin is the developer of the G-Virus. She and Sherry must find some safe place. After Claire tell Leon that they're leaving, he warned her the streets crawling with zombies. However, she tell him it will be all right and found the way to the sewer.


Sherry Birkin: "Claire, you came back!"

Claire Redfield: "I can't believe the man who developed the G-Virus is actually her father."

Sherry: "What's wrong, Claire?"

Claire: "It's nothing. But I think I found a way out of here. We should be able to find some place safe if we can just make it out of town."

Sherry: "But..."

Claire: "Don't worry. I'll protect you. I promise. But you have to make sure you don't leave my side."
"Leon, are you still there? We're leaving."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Are you crazy?! The streets are still crawling with zombies."

Claire: "It'll be all right. Trust me. We found a way to the sewer. Follow us later!

Leon: "Claire. Claire! Wait. Wait!"

Sherry Birkin: 「クレア 大丈夫?」

Claire Redfield:「この子の父親G-ウィルスを・・・」


Claire:「何でも・・・それより 出口を見つけたの きっとの外に出られるわ ここにいるより安全よ」


Claire:「心配ないわ 私がきっと守るから でも私から離れちゃダメよ」
レオン聞こえる? 私たち署を出るわ」

Leon S. Kennedy:「本気か? 外はゾンビだらけだぞ」

Claire:「大丈夫 下水道へ続く道よ あなたも来て」

Leon: *ad-lib*


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