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The Arklay County Sheriff's Department was a law enforcement agency that represented Arklay County, where Raccoon City was located. Like the Raccoon Police Department, its officers were involved in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident where it faced many fatalities among its personnel.


It is unknown when the Arklay County Sheriff's Department was founded, but it seemed to predate the foundation of the Raccoon City Police Department. On the night of 29 September 1998, during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, newly arrived Raccoon Police Department (RPD) officer Leon S. Kennedy was investigating a convenience store, where he discovered Sheriff Daniel Cortini struggling with a zombie. Leon tried to intervene but was kept at bay by Cortini who said he had things under control. The zombie knocked the sheriff to the floor and killed him by biting deeply into his neck, forcing Leon to kill the zombie.


The uniform consisted of a tan collared shirt with brown epaulets & shirt pockets and brown straight leg trousers with a tan stripe down the leg, with black boots/shoes, black duty belt with gold belt buckle and shoulder mounted microphone. There does not appear to be any collar insignia or other denotation of rank on the uniform. Both shoulders of the shirt display the Arklay Sheriff's Dept. patch while a US flag and badge is displayed on the front of the shirt.



Further notes[]

  • The Arklay County Sheriff's Department first appeared in the 1999 radio play, The Little Runaway Sherry. Its headquarters was in the mountain village, Stone Ville, and the Sheriff at the time of the outbreak was a man named Alan.