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The Arklay Hospital incident (tentative) was a series of homicides which took place from 1993-1998 in and around a hospital in the Arklay Mountains near Raccoon City. It is one of the first recorded t-Virus outbreaks in the United States.


From their founding in the 1960s, the Umbrella Corporation used the Arklay Mountains as a secluded position for illegal bioweapons research. These facilities were within miles of other settlements, and maintained cover through facades such as mansions, chemical plants and schools. Seeking further sources of test subjects, Umbrella struck a deal with a private hospital in the mountains to use patients from these villages as a source of research. Using multiple shell companies, Umbrella USA supplied experimental drugs to the hospital, with two corrupt doctors - Dr. Alan Erdot and Dr. Al Lester - recording their results in patients.[1][2] This project was overseen by Dr. Greg Mueller, an Umbrella virologist employed by Raccoon University.[3]

Initial investigation[]

By the Spring of 1993 a number of patients had died as a result of side-effects from the experiments, though Umbrella's influence made sure that in-house patient deaths were not made public and suspicious activity kept out of the media.[2] In March one patient, Doug Frost, died as a result of an experiment involving t-JCCC203, a t-Virus strain intended to cause apoptosis in damaged and cancerous cells; while the data acquired was promising in treating his cancer, he showed symptoms of Cannibal Disease shortly before his death four days later. Another patient, Dorothy Lester, was subject to the same viral therapy in May for a heart condition, and also displayed symptoms of Cannibal Disease.[1] The Raccoon Police Department became aware of the illegal drug imports, though no charges were filed owing to corporate influence over the municipality.[4] This investigation did however attract the attention of Kurt and Alyssa Ashcroft, two investigative journalists from Raccoon City. The two arrived as a crisis emerged at the hospital, its patients no longer possible to restrain. Kurt himself was assaulted and mauled by Dorothy Lester in Room 201 shortly after an interview with her husband and developed symptoms of Cannibal Disease. At least one doctor was also wounded, taking shelter at the suspension bridge while the RPD searched the hospital for any survivors. Due to Umbrella's continued influence, no arrests were made and the incident was kept out of the newspapers.[4] As a potential threat to the company, Ashcroft was subject to a memory-suppression treatment developed by Mueller. The hospital itself was closed and Umbrella's project suspended, leaving Dorothy behind in the ICU; Al however saw her as dead and left her unattended.

Serial killings[]

Between its closure and 1998, the hospital lay abandoned in Raccoon Forest and the old infrastructure such as the network of bridges gave way due to under maintenance. As consequence, the hospital was left isolated and thus contained in spite of the growth of a T-JCCC203 infected plant which had made its way into the hospital's foundations. In 1998, Lester found the plant during a visit; still grieving from his wife's death he became attentive to it as a surrogate. Over several weeks of watering it, the plant grew to surround the ICU, consuming Dorothy's own remains. Already mentally fatigued, small doses of viral exposure affected Lester's mind and he began to hunt wild dogs and birds with an axe to feed to the plant, leaving behind many carcasses to wash-up on the river bank.[5][6] These activities were mostly done while Lester donned a black sack on his head; he was spotted by locals in some occasions, resulting in a myth he was the ghost of a patient.[6]

Over the course of mid-1998 Lester increased his devotion to the plant, which he named Dorothy, and expanded the size of his game to humans. He developed the modus operandi of pretending to be a kind old man who could guide lost campers and hikers to shelter. From there Dorothy would seal them within the hospital with its vines, trapping them within as he hunted them with an axe. In one incident an armed hiker fought back, though his infection had spread to the point he no longer felt pain and the wound on his abdomen became a green rash. In this state Lester saw himself as no longer human, and relished in hunting those he saw as worthless.[7] In one incident a botanist and his team found their way to the hospital on their own, intrigued by the plants; they were sealed up and later killed by Lester when he discovered their trespass.[8]

Final days[]

Having begun in the Spring of 1998, a series of accidents and sabotage incidents resulted in the release of several t-Virus strains across the Arklay Mountains. While the Ecliptic Express Incident and Mansion Incident had resulted in the sterilization of contaminated areas via umbrella failsafes and the resulting forest fire from the destruction of the spencer mansion, it had already spread deeper into the mountains and, over the course of the August, the mutant populations spread once more. Attacks on hikers by infected animals brought local media attention, and the neighbourhood watch pressed for the closure of mountain roads and the old hiking paths to prevent accidents; this may have had an effect on Lester's ability to procure victims.[9][10] Erdot would also make his return to the hospital by September 1998. Having discovered the clinical trial's connection to Umbrella's bioweapons project, he returned to the hospital and was also sealed in; overcome by emotion of his crimes, he readily accepted his inevitable death.[4] These murders however failed to attract media attention, which had instead been focused on the murders connected to the Mansion Incident.

In late September, Raccoon City finally fell to the t-Virus; though already there from other incidents, the contamination of the drinking water following an incident at NEST sealed its fate. As refugees fled into the mountains, Lester saw them as new victims for Dorothy. A group of survivors, including Ashcroft, took shelter in Lester's cabin and were lured out to the hospital where, as per his MO, he left them and donned the mask and axe. Studying a series of files left behind, however, they were successful in finding a weakness to Dorothy, resulting in the plant's rapid decay which brought the hospital down with it, killing Lester as he remained in the ICU.


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