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The Culture tank room (培養槽の部屋 Baiyō-sō no heya?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


The room contain a large number of capsule tanks, each containing an unknown creature. All creatures inside all of the capsule tanks status are monitor through the terminal. There's also various machine that are used to compile experimental data and information. In the remake, a barricade was added, which block the path in which the original 1996 Resident Evil did not featured.


In the original Resident Evil, this is where Wesker introduced Chris (or Jill, depending on who the player chose to play as well as the circumstances) to the Tyrant. Then he drained the water to unleash it from the its tank. Just as the tyrant approach Chris (or Jill, depending on the player's actions in her scenario), the tyrant turn its attention to Wesker, killing him in the process before Wesker could deactivate it. Assuming Chris role, the tyrant must be fought throughout the Culture tank room. The strategy is to shoot it at a safe distance where the tyrant can't utilize its claw to attack. During this time, a handgun clip can be seen (shining object) lying on the ground nearby the Culture tank room door. After the tyrant drop unconscious, use the control device to unlocked the doors where Wesker originally had it electronically locked. If the player played as Jill and had Barry gain Jill's trust, Jill will instead enter with Barry willingly to investigate and terminate the monster (as Wesker was knocked out by Barry earlier).

In the remake, the player will also have to confront Wesker inside the Culture tank room either as Jill/Chris (this time, they actually find him inside the chamber from the start). Unfortunately for Wesker, he was later killed after the Tyrant lunged its claw straight through his body immediately after breaking out of its containment field before throwing him onto the machines (although in the Barry Lives ending, Wesker is instead knocked unconscious by the Tyrant backhanding him into the computers after it decided to turn against Wesker before fighting Jill and Barry). Player will have to defeat the tyrant in order to escape the Culture tank room. Once the tyrant is dropped, player can obtain the Laboratory Key and operate the panel to release the lock of the door.

In The Umbrella Chronicles, this area is visited twice:

First, in Mansion Incident 3, almost immediately after entering the room, the player needs to shoot the closest monitor to get the B.O.W. Notes file. After traversing down the culture tank rows, a cutscene will play: It is largely the same as in the remake version of the original game, save for Albert Wesker clearly lying in wait behind the tanks and injecting himself with a serum before pointing his gun at Chris and Jill, and activating the Tyrant with a cylindrical remote control button instead of a row of computers. The Tyrant after being activated will proceed to attack. The player has to shoot him enough times for him to collapse, and then proceed to flee.

Second, in Rebirth 1, it starts out just a few moments after Chris and Jill left the area to evacuate: Wesker upon resuscitating proceeds to attempt to retrieve the data from U.M.F.-013, only for him to discover that he was locked out of the system by Sergei and the Red Queen, and thus was unable to retrieve the data, forcing him to change plans to escape, aware that the self-destruct protocol has been activated. When gaining control of Wesker, the player needs to shoot the first monitor they find (specifically, in the same area where Wesker comes to at the start of the level), which will reveal the file A Letter to Someone. The player also has to fend off against several Chimeras before they can leave the room.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Wesker dead body What a miserable death...
The Culture tank room door It's electronically locked.
Control Device It look like the control device for this room. A door lock device. Unlock this door? Yes/No
Resident Evil (2002)
Capsule tanks A number of capsules, each containing an unspeakably ugly creature.
Machines A machines used to compile experimental data.
The terminal The terminal looks like it's used to monitor the status of the creatures inside the capsules. This is definitely one of the creepiest things you've ever seen.
The door (Locked) The door is electronically locked. It looks like it does so automatically in case of emergency.
The panel for the door A panel used to release the emergency electronic lock. Release the lock? Yes/No
The panel for the door (After it's unlocked) The electronic lock has been deactivated.
Wesker body What a pathetic way to die... He's holding something.







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