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The Laboratory (実験室 Jikken-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


In the remake, a "biohazard" sign can be seen on the right side of the wall, indicated the biologically hazard materials are present inside the Laboratory. A row of LCD monitors are used here to display something. There's also an operating table with a corpse lying on it. Another room was also added where multiple bodies are wrapped in body bags.


Login & Password is needed

In the original Resident Evil, a slide filter can be found lying on the ground. The computer can be used to open the electronic locks in some areas including the Image preparation room and Researcher's private room. This however requires a login and a password, which are JOHN (Login) and MOLE (Password).

In the remake, the computer here can be used to unlock the electronic locks on two areas; Image preparation room and Researcher's private room. To log in however will require a login and password, JOHN (Login) and ADA (Password). To unlock the electronic lock for the Image preparation room, enter CELL as the password.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Chemicals at the front Various chemicals used for research, nothing useful.
Equipment at the back Nothing special
Computer This computer is used to open the electronic locks. Will you turn it on? Yes/No
Resident Evil (2002)
Biohazard sign A "biohazard" mark. It indicates the presence of biologically hazardous materials.
Operating table Part of the corpse lie on that operating table.
LCD A row of LCD monitors. They must once have been used to display something.
The monitor A monitor used to display images from an electron microscope.
Server An information management server. It appears to be broken.
Wrapped bodies The cadavers are frozen, wrapped in body bags.
The shelf A variety of chemicals you've never seen before.





Further Notes

In the remake, if the player has beaten the game once and enters the 'mole' code from the original instead of 'cell', they'll receive a unique audio exclamation courtesy of Tofu from Resident Evil 2. 



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