The Morgue (死体安置室 Shitai anchi-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


The morgue is linked to the operating room through a vent. In the remake, there are three movable metal racks throughout the place that is used to stored various materials. One shelf is located here full of various antitoxins.


From the view of the map, some Magnum Rounds can be found on a cabinet in the top-right corner in the original 1996 version. Pass Code 02 can be found on a table in the lower far-left corner.[2] Since the door is locked from the inside, the player must enter the room via the vent.

In the remake, the player can enter through the ventilation shaft to enter the Operating Room before going back here using the two different vents from there. One of the passcode used to entered the Detention chamber passage can be obtain from here using the MO Disk. A Flash Grenade can also be obtain inside the Morgue room. While pushing one of the metal racks, one chimera will appear and attack.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Plastic morgue This place seem to be a morgue.
Pass code output machine It's a pass code output machine. If i had a MO DISK, I could get the code.
Door to the morgue You unlocked it.
Resident Evil (2002)
Pass code entry A security system passcode transmitting device. If you had a MO Disk, you could transmit the passcode to the system...
Pass code entry (After obtaining the pass code) Transmitting the passcode seems to have unlocked something...
The shelf The shelf is full of various antitoxins.
Bodybag "A body bag lies on the simple bed. The date indicated on the bag is quite old."







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