The power room (動力室?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory's B3 level.


This room contains the facility's self-destruct system in the centre; a bomb in the shape of a missile.


Power Room

In Jill scenario (Good Ending only), Wesker's body can be found here

The power for the elevator back in the T-shaped corridor can be activated here. In the original version with Jill's best ending, this is also the place where Albert Wesker was killed offscreen (implied to be via a Chimera, since one was present in the room when this is discovered).

In the remake, two Chimera will appear from the small shaft above and attack player. Ignore the self-destruct system, go to the back of the room to find the main power supply. Once the power is started up, the elevator at the Power chamber passage will be activated in which player can explore the Culture tank room passage.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Triggering system It's a triggering system activator. It's quite big.
Power connection switch A power connection switch. The elevator power is off. Will you connect it? Yes/No
Power connection switch (On) The power for the elevator is activated as the power supply and the circuit have been connected.
Wesker body (Jill good ending) What a miserable death...
Triggering system (During emergency) "Triggering System Activation Admitted"

"1st Degree Emergency Issued" "Unlock All Blocks" "Triggering System Deactivation Impossible"

Resident Evil (2002)
Warning There's a Warning label:

"Shaking chemical fuel will cause it to explode!"

The self-destruct mechanism The lab's self-destruct mechanism. It's huge...
Main power supply There no power to the main elevator. Start it up? Yes/No
Main power supply (After the power is restored) The main elevator is getting plenty of power.







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