The Researcher's private room (研究員個室 Kenkyū-in koshitsu?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory. It is otherwise known as "Researcher's private room B".[2]


The room contains many books that are stored at the shelf. In Remake, a dirty lab coat that has no ID badge is hung up on the wall. There's a sink full with various apparatus. An X-ray photograph is displayed in front showing about skeleton structure. A refueling device for the Power area is also stored here.


Refueling device (Remake)

In the original Resident Evil, there are multiple zombies in this room. By bringing one of the MO Disks here, the second passcode used to enter the Detention chamber passage can be obtained here.

In Remake, one zombie will be faced here. In the sink near the door, the player can magnum rounds or incendiary shells of they're playing as Chris or Jill respectievly; on hard, there will be a handgun magazine. One of the passcodes for the Detention chamber passage can be obtained here using the MO Disk. After obtaining the empty capsule in the Power room 1, it can be refilled here. Be cautious though, once the capsule is filled with the fuel, the player must avoid running and shooting to prevent it from exploding, causing instant death. Get the capsule all the way back to the Power room 1. On easy, you can find an ink ribbon on a chair close to the entrance. 


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Poster Cardboard and posters. Nothing useful.
Bookshelf Nothing Special
Bookshelf (On the wall) Most of them are fiction books.
Resident Evil (2002)
Coat A dirty lab coat. There's no ID badge.
The sink The sink is full of empty beakers and test tubes.
X-ray An X-ray photograph. The skeleton structure displayed isn't quite human.
Refueling device There seems to be something behind this sturdy door. Open it? Yes/No

(Yes) "WARNING: Fuel may explode if shaken or jarred"

It looks like a refueling device.

The desk A bunch of triangular flask.
Pass code entry A security system passcode transmission device. If you had an MO Disk, you could transmit the passcode to the system...
Pass code entry (After taking the pass code 2) Transmitting the passcode seems to have unlocked something...







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