The Dam control room (top) is a room in the treatment plant built adjacent to NEST and near the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The dam control room is a two-story area used for raising and lowering the dams to keep the flow of the underground stream under control. The upper level uses a gondola to cross the stream directly to the power supply and air conditioning room. The stairs going to the lower level of the dam control room can not be traversed due to being derelict.


There are no enemies in this room.


Location Localisation Original script
Objects against No.1 Laboratory door "It's just a bunch of garbage. There's nothing of interest here."
Gondola "The gondola has arrived."
Circuit breaker "There's no need to use it anymore."
Machine terminal "Nothing happens. It appears to be broken."
Stairs "The stairs are broken. You'll just have to find another way down."




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