The B7 power supply and air conditioning room is a room in the treatment plant built adjacent to NEST and near the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The power supply and air conditioning room was located directly above the B8 final processing room and consists of equipment for that room. Much of the room is suffering from corrosion caused by a ruptured pipe. On the south side is a computer terminal, which is sealed behind a shutter, with signs marked "Warning" and "Danger". On the north-east side is an elevator shaft leading to the B9 level, but the elevator cannot be called up. Transport to the Dam control tower is possible via a gondola crossing the stream.


A box of Shotgun Shells can be found at a corner of the room near the gondola, with some Incendiary Rounds also appearing on EASY mode. The gondola requires installation of the Motherboard to operate. The file "Treatment Plant Manager's Diary" is also found in this room. There are three Zombies in this room.


Location Localisation Original script
Panel "It's the control panel for the gondola. The motherboard is missing. Without the motherboard, the gondola can't receive electric current."
Panel "The gondola is once again receiving power."
Gondola "Gondola Terminal"




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