Service entrance (搬入口 Han'nyū kuchi?)[1] is an area of the treatment plant, located on level B9. It leads to a warehouse on 1F.


This room contains an inclined elevator used for transporting goods too and from the 1F warehouse.


This room has a typewriter against the door to the furnace room, the last typewriter in the game. A single Ink Ribbon can be found right next to it on any difficulty. 30 Handgun bullets are also found next to the typewriter, available on any difficulty.

Further into the room are two First Aid Sprays, some Shotgun shells, Grenade Rounds, a Green Herb and a Red Herb. Flame Rounds can also be recovered on EASY mode. Another Green and Red Herb can be picked up next to the lift, but only on EASY. Against the typewiter is a Sub-Machinegun magazine, at 34% full.[1]


Location Localisation Original script
Inclined elevator panel "There's a lever to control the lift. You might be able to escape."




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