George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)

Arkley was a bootlegger in the 1920s Prohibition Era United States. He constructed a mansion in the forest outside Raccoon City, Pennsylvania and used it as a safe house. The federal police eventually got their hands on the property after his death, and allowed it to be left a derelict for decades.[1]

Further notes

Arkley serves as a reimagined combination of Oswell E. Spencer and George Trevor. The character appeared in George A. Romero's original Resident Evil draft, but failed to appear in the final script due to him being replaced by Paul W.S. Anderson as the writer.

Arkley's existence also creates a plot hole in the script - while the mansion was named after him, it is located in a region called the "Arkley Forest". No explanation is given for why the man shares his name with the region he was living in.


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