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Armadura (アルマデューラ arumadyūra?) (from Spanish, meaning "Armor" - i.e. "Suits of Armor") are Plaga-possessed suits of armor, inhabiting the darkest corridors of Salazar Castle in the Spanish region of Valdelobos.

These creatures possess both light "Silver" and tougher heavy-armored "Ornate Black" variations. Plagas who have lost their hosts will inhabit these armored suits, remaining dormant to conserve energy as they wait for a creature suitable to becoming a host. The Plaga stretches out inside the armor and manipulates it with its tentacles, allowing it to move in human-like ways, swinging swords and Halberds to subdue its prey.[1][2]


They are first encountered as Ashley Graham ventures by herself in the back passages of Salazar Castle, shortly after having been released from the iron bindings trap. At first, the Armaduras appear to be harmless armors lining the walls of various passageways. Later on, when Ashley retrieves the Serpent Ornament to open the door to the upper levels, the Armaduras spring to life and attack her. Ashley must run from these enemies avoiding the stationary sets of armor as she runs from her mobile pursuers. And, to make a seemingly laughable encounter one of the scariest parts of the game, the rooms where they are found are pitch black, and only the flashlight allows Ashley to navigate back towards the exit. Luckily, a switch can be used to close the gate to the passageway, preventing them to advance further.

Leon is later attacked by six Armaduras guarding The King's Grail needed to open the way to the Novistador nest in the ballroom.


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