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For other mansion keys, see Mansion key.
"May whoever takes this emblem find peace in death"
— Armor Key puzzle examination[1]

The Armor Key is one of the four knight-themed keys that appear in the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. Its location depends on the version of the game.


The key can be used to unlock doors with an "emblem of an armor".[2]

In the original game, these doors are:

In the remake, the key unlocks:


In the original versions of the game, the Armor Key can be recovered from the mansion's Greenhouse, which is inhabited by a mutant plant. In the Arrange Mode present on the Director's Cut release, the key has been placed on the east terrace next to Forest's body.

In the remake, Chris and Jill can find the Armor Key resting in a pedestal in a room guarded by a trap. If one of them pulls the key from the pedestal, a trap involving a suit of armor will activate and close in on them with rotating blades on a shield. To bypass this trap, they must find the Imitation of a Key and set it in place of the Armor Key.

Regardless of where it is found, the Armor Key works the same. Once collected, it will unlock many doors in the mansion, including rooms that lead to collection of the four Death Masks. It is also used to unlock a room leading to where Richard Aiken is laying wounded by a snake bite.


Resident Evil (1996)
Item Localization Original Script
Mansion Key Nothing special. (特に気になる所はない?)
Armor Key A carving of armor. (鎧の形が刻まれている?)
Resident Evil (2002)
Armor Key There's an engraving of an armor. (鎧の形が刻まれている?)



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