"A pair of well-made military slacks. The fabric is breathable. Hmm... They look like they may fit. "
Mark Wilkins, upon examining this item.

The Army Pants (軍服(下) Gunpuku (shita)?, Military Uniform (Bottom)) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The Army Pants are found in the Platform, on one of the pillars beside the train; but the item only appears after reading three or more inscriptions with the Lighter, the third of which being in this location. It is found in the Underbelly scenario by Mark exclusively on EASY difficulty. On HARD and VERY HARD, the "Molemen Attack!" will be found instead.


This item is exclusive to Mark, and is one of five items required to unlock his second alternative costume, Sir, Yes Sir!. The other components are; Army ShirtMedalArmy Cap and Leather Shoes.



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