Army is here is a blog post published in 2009 as part of the "Experience Kijuju" ARG event which promoted Resident Evil 5.


Friday, February 20, 2009

The army is here. I thought help was here at last, but all they did was hastily erect a wall to keep us all trapped inside this hellhole. They patrol the outside perimeter, automatic firearms in hand. They're not going to let us out. They have no problem with letting people into Kijuju, but anyone who even thinks about climbing over that wall... well, may they rest in peace. They're not here to help us; they're here to contain us. They hope they can just trap us inside and watch us destroy ourselves.

I can't even look outside my window anymore, let alone bring up the courage to venture outside. I still know what's going on. I know because the blood-curdling screams of victims being murdered ring in my ears every day. Then I hear the cheers of that wild mob, and I know another one of us – a human – has been lost. I try to block out those sounds, the kind where you know flesh is being ripped apart and bones are being crushed. They chill me to the very core!

And the army doesn't do a damn thing. They just stand guard outside their wall hoping we stop being a problem for them. I can't trust the government anymore.

Please, if you're reading this, don't give me any more advice. Help me!

Tell anyone to report on the madness here. You have to get the word out! Let them know that there are still good people in Kijuju – people who need to be rescued! We need help now!


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