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"Please proceed to this checkpoint immediately. If you do not leave the area in time, we cannot guarantee your safety."
— Arthur to any survivors.

Arthur was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department. He was assisting Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas in an attempt to evacuate civilians from an infected locality.[1]


During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident of 1998, Arthur, Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas and others attempted to evacuate the city, which included alerting survivors near Jack's Bar. Notifying civilians of a nearby retrieval point where fellow officers would escort them to safety, a group of survivors making their way outside of Jack's Bar through the rooftop were enticed.

By the time they reached the street, however, the Zombies had breached the police blockade and had begun to attack fleeing survivors, Arthur disappearing in the process.

He was later found on the verge of death on the Raccoon General Hospital helipad, waiting for a rescue helicopter.


Arthur can be unlocked as a playable character alongside to Raymond; Aaron, and Dorian also load this way. He starts in the game scenario in FINE condition, Arthur is a George-type characters who having an ability same as George's skills and during gameplay starts extra items "Green Herb", he has a weak his vitality 1300–1600.

The following is a translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
Name Arthur
Model George
Vitality 1300~1600
Infection rate 0.92%
Movement speed 0.97
Attack modifier X1.00%
Starting condition FINE
Starting items Green Herb



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