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"Leon, HELP!"
— A common plea from Graham

Ashley Graham (アシュリー・グラハム Ashurī Gurahamu?) (born c.1984) was the daughter of former President Graham. In 2004, Graham was victim to an international conspiracy to turn influential American citizens into hosts for a mind-control parasite, Las Plagas, and was rescued in a classified government operation.


In Autumn 2004, Graham was abducted by Jack Krauser while on her way home from college. The operation was carefully coordinated with the use of an imposter Secret Service detail who feigned engine trouble to move her into a another vehicle and subdued. From there Graham was held captive within a shipping container and smuggled to Spain, where she was escorted to the mountainous region of Valdelobos.[3] Upon arrival, she became a host to the Superior Species Plaga and was kept within a church while it grew within her. The operation was overseen by Los Iluminados, a paramilitary and cult active in Spain which planned to use her as a Manchurian Candidate who could turn Supreme Court Justices, Generals, CEOs and influential Congressmen into puppets of its leader, Osmund Saddler.[4] Information leaks from an unknown source led the US government to investigate Valdelobos, though fears of a mole within their ranks greatly curtailed US-STRATCOM's rescue operation, and Leon S. Kennedy was sent out with a Cuerpo Nacional de Policía detail to confirm her presence in the village.[5][6]

Leon ashley ambush by Saddler

Leon and Graham are ambushed by Saddler as they attempt to leave the church.

After rescuing Graham from her cell, the two met with the cult leader, Osmund Saddler, who revealed that Graham (as well as Leon) had been administered with one of the Plaga parasites, and that Saddler was planning to return Graham to the President in order to infiltrate and command the United States government from within.[7]

Ashley's Plaga Removal

Ashley undergoes the Plaga-removal treatment

After escaping Saddler and the villagers, the two found their way into Ramón Salazar's castle, and later, into Saddler's island complex. Graham would repeatedly be recaptured by Los Iluminados during Leon's mission and subsequently rescued each time. Within the island complex, the two found a laser surgery machine built by Luis Sera with the purpose of removing a Plaga internally from its host's body. Leon and Graham used the machine on themselves, destroying their Plaga parasites and thus, removing Saddler's only leverage on them.[8]

Leon and Ashley ending

Leon and Ashley escape by Jet Ski

After Saddler was eliminated, Leon and Graham made their escape from the collapsing island on a jet ski left by Ada Wong. Graham offered Leon to come over to her place for "some overtime", which Leon politely declined. Afterwards, the both of them were picked up by American authorities.[9]



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